About the Board

The County of Lake is a unit of the State of California. It is governed by a Board of Supervisors consisting of five supervisors each elected for a four-year term of office. The terms of office are staggered so that two are elected in one general election and three in the next.

The Board usually meets the first, second, third, and fourth Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held in the Board Chambers on the first floor of the Courthouse at 255 North Forbes Street in Lakeport, CA. Occasionally, for special purposes, the Board will schedule other meetings at different times and/or locations in the County. The Board meetings are open to the public and agendas are published the week prior to the meetings. Certain matters are dealt with in closed sessions such as personnel, labor, and some issues in litigation. For specifics about Board meetings, or to request to receive agendas via email, please call the Board of Supervisors Office at (707) 263-2368, or review the upcoming agendas posted on this web site.

The Board of Supervisors can be reached by mail at:

Board of Supervisors
255 North Forbes Street
Lakeport, CA  95453

Major responsibilities include:
  • Adopting the County's Annual Budget
  • Making important land use decisions
  • Selecting County Department Heads (other than elected officials)
  • Adopting County Ordinances
  • Setting County Operating Policies
  • Serving on Regional & Local Committees

Supervisors also assist citizens in solving problems and addressing local concerns.

Other elected officials in the County include the Assessor/Recorder, Auditor/Controller-County Clerk, District Attorney, Sheriff/Coroner, Tax Collector, and the Superior Court Judges.