District 3

Supervisor Jim Steele

Jim Steele is a 5th generation Californian, honorably discharged Air Force Veteran, and longtime Lake County community advocate. Jim holds an AA degree in business; BA degree in Biology and MA degree in Pollution Biology. Prior to making a career with the State Fish and Wildlife Department, from which he retired, Jim worked as a main frame computer programmer in private industry and owned and operated 3 small businesses.  He has a professional forester’s license (RPF 2421) and taught university level courses in freshwater ecology and environmental policy and administration as an adjunct professor. Jim took up residency in Lake County in 2007, building his own home and becoming a vocal advocate for Clear Lake.  Prior to being elected as District 3 Supervisor, Jim was also an active volunteer serving on local Boards and various committees. 

District 3 is the largest geographical district in the County with the highest concentration of disadvantaged communities.  Jim believes an economic break through is needed to pull the key communities of Clearlake Oaks, Glenhaven, Lucerne, Nice and Upper Lake out of a persisting economic slump.  

The key to building thriving communities is a business model that unleashes the potential of the County’s natural attributes, especially Clear Lake. 

Priorities include:
  • Bring in the needed lake management expertise that will open the door to outside monies to help build a robust lake management program.
  • Enhance the north shore transpiration corridor by slowing down the traffic through the towns and improve the curbside appeal through a beautification plan designed to attract businesses and tourists.
  • Ensure a business friendly climate to attract new businesses, especially those that would unleash the potential of recreational values inherent in our abundant and rich natural resources.  
  • Support business models throughout the County that lead towards a sustainable and robust tourist destination economy by focusing on the County’s outdoors adventure appeal.
  • Improve living conditions of our most vulnerable populations by reducing the cost of water in Lucerne; supporting efforts to reduce homelessness throughout the County; and encouraging efforts to enact a reasonable rent control ordinance in some economic areas. 
  • Reduce crime and improve our county image by supporting a pay model that improves recruitment and retention of key county services, especially law enforcement.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and enhance the public’s voice before the Board of Supervisors through a formal town hall structure. 

Supervisor Steele is available to attend organization/association meetings upon request.  You can also meet with him at his office in the Courthouse.  To contact him, send an email to Jim.Steele@lakecountyca.gov or call him at (707) 295-6198.