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Community Visioning Forum Planning Committee

Ad hoc committee to plan for the Community Visioning Forum to develop recommentation for meaningful actions and activities that build bridges where there may be walls; fostering tolerance, respect, understanding, equity and inclusion; promoting non-violence and non-violent conflict resolution; focusing resources on underlying causes and conditions that lead to inequitable resource and justice distribution; and, relevant solutions for social injustices, as they may come to light.

Date Formed: March 2, 2021

Term/Expiration: No term expiration - ad hoc committee

Membership: 11 members (no current vacancies)
Board of Supervisors (2)
Law Enforcement (1)
City representatives - Clearlake and Lakeport (2)
Tribal Government (2)
Public - general membership (4)

Purpose Statement and Guiding Principles 

How to Apply
Applications may be obtained from the Clerk to the Board of Supervisors, Lake County Courthouse, Room 109, 255 North Forbes St., Lakeport or access the Application online.