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First Five Lake County

The purpose of this Ordinance is to establish a Commission, Trust Fund, require development of a Strategic Plan describing how programs, services and projects relating to early childhood development within the County

Term/Expiration: 2 year terms

Membership: 9 members pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 130140
   • Board of Supervisors (1)
   • Director of the Lake County Health Services Dept. (1)
   • Director of the Lake County Social Services Dept. (1)
   • Lake County Superintendent of Schools or designee (1)
   • Representative of a community based organization that 
   (a) has the goal of promoting and nurturing early childhood development
   (b) is an organization for “prevention or early intervention for families at risk”
   (c) is a child care resource or referral agency
   • Educator specializing in early childhood development (1)
   • Representative of a local medical, pediatric, or obstetrical association or
society (1)