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Middletown Area Town Hall (Municipal Advisory Council)

The purpose of this group is to increase the participation of Middletown area residents in decisions affecting the community.

Date Formed: December 12, 2006

Term/Expiration: 2 year terms

Membership: 7 members: must be a registered voter in the County of Lake and reside within the following boundaries: 
   • Middletown Proper - south of Grange Rd. and north of Rancheria Rd., east to Loconomi Rd. and west to Anderson Spring Rd. (3)
   • Northern District (Coyote Valley) - north of Grange Rd. to the boundary of South Lake Fire Protection District (SLFPD) (1)
   • Southern District - South of Twin Pine Casino (Rancheria Rd.) to the county line (1)
   • Western District (Cobb Region) - west of Anderson Spring Rd. to the western boundary of the SLFPD (1)
   • Eastern District (Butts Canyon) - east of Loconomi Rd. to the county line (1)

How to Apply

Applications may be obtained from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Lake County Courthouse, Room 109, 255 N. Forbes St., Lakeport or access the Application online.