Wildfire Protection Plan

The following documents are the final chapters of the  Lake County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

The CWPP can be reviewed at the following locations:

  • Upper Lake Library: 310 2nd St, Upper Lake
  • Lakeport Library: 1425 N. High St., Lakeport
  • Redbud Library: 14785 Burns Valley Rd, Clearlake
  • Middletown Library: Corner of Calistoga & Callayomi Streets, Middletown
  • Spring Valley Community Center, 3000 Wolf Creek Road, Clearlake Oaks

Lake County CWPP (entire document, ~28 mb)

Living with Wildfire: Lake County Community Wildfire Protection Plan Overview and Summary

Overview Cover (Low Resolution)

CWPP Cover (Low Resolution)

Table of Contents


 Chap 1 - Introduction
 Chap 2 - Planning Process
 Chap 3 - Wildfire Environment
 Chap 4 - Fire Ecology and Management
 Chap 5 - Community Context
 Chap 6 - Fire Protection
 Chap 7 - Risk Assessment
 Chap 8 - Action Plan
 Chap 9 - Long Term Monitoring & Implementation


App A -  Community Meeting Notes
App B1 - Community Meeting Data
App B2 - See Community Meeting Maps Below
App C -   Wildfire Safety at Home
App D -  Wildland Fuel Hazard Reduction
App E -  GIS Data
App F -  Fire Safety Information
App G - Fire History Data


 Ref I - Glossary
 Ref II - Internet Links for Further Information
 Ref III - Literature Cited

(for Chapters 1-8, jpeg files)
 Chapter 1: Introduction, CensusCommunities At Risk
 Chapter 2: Planning Areas
 Chapter 3: Hydrology, Fuel Models, Fire History (decade, source), FHSZ, Fire Regime,  Condition ClassFire Threat
 Chapter 4: Vegetation
 Chapter 6: Fire Protection Resources
 Chapter 7: Net Value
 Chapter 8:WUI, Evacuation
Community Meeting Maps
(Appendix B2, jpeg files)
LEGEND for Community Maps
Cobb Mountain
Glenhaven/Clearlake Oaks/Paradise Valley/Kono Tayee
Lake Pillsbury 
Lower Lake, Clearlake
Middletown/Hidden Valley
Scotts Valley/Lakeport 
Spring Valley/Double Eagle 
Rivieras/Buckingham/Soda Bay
Upper Lake/Blue Lakes