What is Brilliance?

Do you know someone that is sharing their Brilliance, and making others’ lives better?

Have you created content highlighting the outstanding work or service of a County resident or organization?

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Good ideas matter, and the best outcomes result from people working together.  Individually, we all have limitations, even significant ones, but together?  When we work together, pushing in the same direction, incredible things can happen.

You undoubtedly know people and organizations that accomplish the amazing and unexpected, because they have a resilience that shines from deep within.  We all endure challenges in life, and sometimes we fall, but our struggles don’t have to become barriers to Brilliance.  Instead, we can inspire others, by rising above circumstances and expectations, and doing something great.

These values form the core concept for the County’s new Brilliance initiative.  On the first Tuesday of each month, we will be issuing a long-form article, usually documenting one or more interviews, that offers a deep look at a remarkable Lake County story.  Our September edition, “Anatomy of a Volunteer Project: Lessons Learned from 1,000 Hands,” highlights a recent event where neighbors helped neighbors, to the benefit of all Lake County residents.

To those who are courageously sharing your best self with your communities: thank you!   Your open-hearted generosity has a multiplying effect on those around you.

We sincerely hope reading about “1,000 Hands,” and the factors that made it a success, inspires further big ideas to transform Lake County for the better.

Anatomy of a Volunteer Project: Lessons Learned from 1,000 Hands

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