What is Brilliance?

By Carol J. Huchingson, County Administrative Officer

One of the things I love about Lake County is seeing the impact one organization, sometimes even one individual, can make when they give freely of themselves.  Lake County’s communities are small, and our deep and cyclical challenges are well documented, but there is resilience in so many of our residents that truly shines.

There are struggles here, but also deep generosity, people moving about and touching lives in an open-hearted manner.  Their contributions have a multiplying effect on those around them.  They are sharing their Brilliance.

Brilliance is a new initiative from the County of Lake.  Our intention is to celebrate examples of people radiating into and enlivening their communities through service.

We will also share information requested by the public on issues of broad concern, in the hope it will enable action.  Many have expressed concern regarding Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), which may occur this summer.  We all need to prepare to the best of our ability.  Our PSPS resource pages offer information and tools.

As is the case whenever we face a new challenge, people are already stepping up to meet needs, and there are community efforts reflected in our web pages.  

When you review this information, we invite you to think about your role in helping your family, friends and neighbors prepare.  What inspires you?  What drives you?  What prompts you to really push yourself to make your best contribution?  How can that have a positive impact on others as we collectively prepare for or respond to a PSPS?

Some of you are aware many homes in my neighborhood were devastated by the Valley Fire.  While my home was spared, it was an experience that shook me and my community to the core.  Just days later, I had the privilege to lead the County’s Recovery effort.  It was heartening to take a challenging circumstance, and turn that energy and stress into action and reassurance for many.  It was a real opportunity to be a light at a dark time, to make a difference; to turn bad news into Brilliance.

What is your Brilliance, and how can you share that Brilliance for the betterment of your community?  

How are those around you already positively changing the lives and circumstances of others?

Share your stories, by writing to [email protected].