Vision 2028 is a living document intended to reflect the priorities of Lake County’s residents and communities, and the Board of Supervisors’ commitment to see beyond immediate challenges and build a brighter future. The current version can be found here (updated May 4, 2021)

Ongoing and Recent Visioning Activities

Transportation Planning Document Updates

Lake Area Planning Council (APC) is working right now to update the Lake County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Active Transportation Plan (ATP), and they need your input to better understand what challenges people are facing. Have you encountered barriers when traveling via vehicle, bicycle or on foot? Visit, share your experience, and help support the mobility, economic and health goals of our region!

Key FY 2021-22 Priorities

The Economic Development and Road Map Task Forces are busy implementing priorities harvested from our Board’s annual Governance Workshop (Friday, April 16, 2021).
Workshop video
Key Priorities for FY 2021-22

Vision 2028 Update – Disaster Preparedness and Wildfire Safety are Critical for ALL Residents

On May 4, 2021, the Board of Supervisors clarified their Vision 2028 Priorities Statement to include a commitment to Enhance Public Safety, by:

  • Protecting our residents and serving them well; and
  • Developing and maintaining a high standard of Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Recovery, in collaboration with all community stakeholders.

With wildfire season upon us, it is critical we all do our part to keep our homes, living spaces and communities safe! Visit for helpful tools and resources!

Next Round of Community Visioning Forums Coming Soon

Residents from Lake County’s richly diverse communities watched on Tuesday, February 23, as the Lake County Board of Supervisors unanimously proclaimed “Promoting Tolerance, Respect, Equity and Inclusion” among their utmost priorities:

This historic moment culminated significant community efforts, and was punctuated by each Supervisor reading a portion of the Proclamation, and affirming their commitment to host Community Visioning Forums to unearth priorities in the following categories:

  • Meaningful actions and activities that will build bridges where there may be walls;
  • Fostering tolerance, respect, understanding, equity and inclusion;
  • Promoting non-violence and non-violent conflict resolution;
  • Focusing resources on underlying causes and conditions that lead to inequitable resource and justice distribution; and
  • Relevant solutions for any social injustices, as they may come to light.

Community members and leaders from the County of Lake, Cities of Lakeport and Clearlake and Tribal governments that resonated with the Board’s Proclamation have joined the new Countywide Community Visioning Forum Planning Committee. Planning efforts remain preliminary at this time, but we look forward to announcing more soon!


Hundreds of Lake County residents participated in the initial round of Community Visioning Forums in January 2018. They shared ideas, priorities and needs. The community’s vision revealed a path forward for the next ten years. Tuesday, April 10, 2018, the Board of Supervisors took a powerful step toward a brighter future, approving Vision 2028.

Since April 2018, County leaders have been collaborating, internally and alongside City partners and community leaders, to help Lake County face and see beyond our immediate challenges. The Lake County Economic Development Strategy, a collaborative effort with Lake County Economic Development Corporation and Workforce Alliance of the North Bay, was adopted in early 2019 by the County and Cities.

April 22-May 30, 2019, the County’s Department of Health Services, Public Health Division, in partnership with Hope Rising and other local agencies and community organizations, hosted “Health and Wellness Forums” throughout the County. These Forums gathered information toward a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Many participated, either live or via the County’s Facebook page. An edited video will soon be made available on the County’s YouTube and Facebook channels, compiling presentations and public comments.

Lake County is strongest when we partner to lift up those in need, and when we inspire our neighbors to overcome any and all barriers and shine.

Vision 2028 is more than a set of priorities. It is a commitment to face and see beyond immediate challenges.

Will you share our Vision? We welcome your ideas: [email protected] and on Facebook, #LakeCountyBrilliance.