Spay/Neuter Programs

SPCA of Lake County

(707) 279-1400  ​Call for information about spaying/neutering

Orphan Dog Rescue

Animal Coalition of Lake County (501 C 3)

Lakeshore Dr.          
Clearlake, CA 95422
995-0552 ask for Rita 

Feral/Community Cat Program

(In order to be eligible, these cats must be neighborhood strays, and you must be willing to return them where you
found them) 

*This program works on a first come first basis, but you may call ahead to see if we have space for surgery. If you are willing to keep or re-release a neighborhood feral cat, we will gladly provide the surgery, vaccines, and ear notching FOR FREE.  Simply bring the "trapped" cat to the Animal Shelter, sign our agreement form, and we will schedule the surgery.  You only need return to pick it up.  Call (707) 263-0278 or visit the program webpage for more information.