Welcome to the Auditor-Controller's Website
The Auditor-Controller is the chief financial officer for the County of Lake providing accounting, auditing and financial services to all County departments, Special Districts, the Lake County Office of Education, Special Districts under local boards (Water, Cemetery, Fire, Reclamation), the Lake County Redevelopment Agency, and all other agencies whose funds are deposited in the County Treasury.

The major functions of the department include financial reporting, budget compilation, accounts payable, payroll, property tax administration and other financial duties as mandated by the State, Federal and Local laws and regulations.

In 1995 the Office of the Auditor-Controller absorbed a portion of the County Clerk functions including Marriage Licenses, Fictitious Business Name Statements, Process Server Registrations, Notary Oath FilingsUnlawful Detainer Assistant Registrations and powers of attorney.

The mission of the County of Lake Auditor-Controller's Office is to maintain financial accounting integrity for Lake County citizens, County Departments, Special Districts and others entrusting their funds in the County Treasury.
In this we shall strive to:

  • Provide accurate and timely financial information as provided by the resources available to us.
  • Treat employees, departments, customers, clients and the public professionally, respectfully and responsively.
  • Encourage employee participation and advancement within our team.
  • Promote ideas for efficiency from employees, customers, clients and all those using our services.