Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)
2011-12 PEI/Prudent Reserve Plan Update
2011-12 PEI Plan Update
2010-11 PEI Plan Update
PEI Plan
CSS & PEI 2009-10 Prudent Reserve Funding Request
PEI Training, Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Funds Request
PEI Statewide Programs Assignment Agreement
EIS/SIPS Training Online Registration
Prevention Mini-Grant Program
PEI Mini-grant Flyer FY17-18
MHSA Mini Grant Guidelines FY17-18
Mini-Grant Online Application
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       MHSA Mini Grant Worksheet FY17-18​

2012-13 Mini-Grant Project List
2013-14 Mini-Grant Project List
2014-15 Mini-Grant Project List
Prevention and Early Intervention - Statewide Projects
PEI Project FY 16/17 Impact Statement
Suicide Prevention - Know the Signs
Stigma and Discrimination Reduction - Each Mind Matters