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A neighborhood beautification program isn’t a single event (“Fix Up Your Yard Day”), but rather a strategy to maintain, enhance, and/or change the character of your neighborhood over the long term. You may approach particular elements of the program one at a time, but our focus should be on long-term vision for the neighborhood.

Road Map Task Force Brochure

Road Map Task Force Action Plan

Free Large Item Dump Day

Saturday, 11/20, 7:30am to 3pm, at Lakeport Transfer Station and Clearlake Landfill. To learn more, click here.


Ordinance 3112 - Administrative fines and penalties to be enforced effective 10/21/21

Defensible Space

2020 Hazardous Vegetation Abatement

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a code violation?

To make a code violation complaint regarding suspected building, zoning, grading, and cannabis issues within unincorporated Lake County, please use our online complaint form.

Lake County Code Enforcement does not do code enforcement in the City of Clearlake or the City of Lakeport. You would need to contact those agencies directly.

Can I report a code violation anonymously?

We do not require you to put your name or contact information on the code complaint form. However, if our officers cannot find the violation and have no contact information, we will list the complaint as invalid and close the complaint.

Who turned me in?

We receive complaints from a number of sources including staff, outside agencies and the general public. Of those complaints received from the general public, we do not require the complainant supply their name or contact information.

I didn't do the work or cause this problem – why must I pay penalties and correct the problems?

Lake County holds its property owners responsible for their properties. If something was caused by a tenant, contractor or neighbor, this would be a civil matter between you and the person who caused the problem. If the problem was caused by an illegal act you would need to contact Law Enforcement. It is still up the property owner to do the corrections such as obtain a permit, clean the property, remove inoperative vehicles or get a demo permit to remove unpermitted buildings.

How much will my permit cost?

Permit fees are based upon the complexity of the project. Staff will assist you in determining your cost. You may call the Building Division at 707-263-2382. 

The person who turned me in has a violation on their property. Why aren't you investigating them?

If you suspect there is a code violation on another property, you may contact Code Enforcement staff and submit a complaint form. A Code Enforcement Officer will investigate the matter. If a violation is found to exist, the owner will be contacted and required to remove the violation and/or obtain the necessary permits for the violation.

How long do I have to fix the violation?

The type of violation will determine the timeframe for correction. The posted/mailed notice will contain the deadline for completion.

I disagree that my property has a violation. Can I appeal the staff's determination of the violation?

You can appeal any determination of violation. Your appeal right is included in each notice sent and specifies how long you have to submit an appeal. Appeals of some determinations require a fee. If you do not appeal within the specified time frame, you waive your right for future appeals on the same violation.

Where does Code Enforcement get the authority to enforce rules?

Code Enforcement operates under Chapter 13 of the Lake County Code and enforces the Lake County Zoning Ordinance. You can follow the links below to read the codes and ordinances.

How can I find out what I am allowed to do with my property?

You can go to the Lake County GIS site to find out the zoning of your parcel:
Click on the Lake County Parcel Viewer. You can find your parcel number from your deed or tax bill.

Then look up the corresponding zoning information in the Zoning Ordinance

Or you can call the Planning Division at 707-263-2221.

File a Complaint

**Please note: Code violations in the incorporated cities of Clearlake and Lakeport are handled by their agencies.

Online: Online Code Complaint Form
Phone: (707) 263-2309 (24 hour message)
In Person: 255 North Forbes St, 3rd Floor, Lakeport, CA  95453
Download a copy of the complaint form, complete and mail to:

Code Enforcement - Community Development
255 N. Forbes St.
Lakeport, CA  95453

About Us

The Code Enforcement Program is operated by the Community Development Department and was created to ensure that Lake County residents abide by the established Codes and Ordinances and have equal opportunities to create a safe, healthy, satisfying life while enjoying the spectacular natural beauty our county offers.