Cannabis Policy Development

Current Regulations

Currently, only medicinal cannabis cultivation is permitted in the County of Lake, as specified in Article 72 (as amended by the Revision Ordinance on 10/24/17) of the Lake County Zoning Ordinance. However, the County of Lake is working on developing a replacement ordinance to allow commercial cannabis cultivation (see Article 72 Replacement Ordinance below). Updates are posted to this website as they are available. For questions, call the Community Development Department at (707) 263-2221.

Article 72 - Regulations for the Cultivation of Medical Marijuana (Revised by Ord. No. 3068, 10/27/17)

Please note: Staff is not able to advise on commercial permitting regulations and/or processes until the Board of Supervisors amends or replaces Article 72.

Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Information (Article 72 Replacement Ordinance)

01/12/18 Update: There will be a Public Workshop held in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the County of Lake Courthouse at 255 North Forbes Street in Lakeport on Thursday January 18th at 9am to discuss commercial cannabis cultivation. All members of the public and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

12/22/17 Update:
On Tuesday, December 19, 2017 the Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance Number 3070 “Urgency Ordinance Allowing Temporary and Limited Registration of Certain Commercial Cultivation Under Specified Conditions During a Moratorium”. The Urgency Ordinance places a moratorium on all commercial cannabis cultivation for 45 days while the County continues to consider impacts of recent State regulations and develops permanent local commercial cultivation regulations (DRAFT Article 72 Replacement can be found below).

However, the Urgency Ordinance does allow individuals who have submitted a Self-Certification Application that has been deemed complete by the County for existing medicinal collectives under Article 72 of Lake County’s Zoning Ordinance (Article 72, revised October 2017), and have submitted a signed affidavit of compliance with state and local laws, to receive a Letter of Authorization from the County stating that their existing medicinal collective is in compliance with local regulations (Article 72) to provide to the State in pursuing permits.

The Letter of Authorization is not a permit or approval of commercial cultivation and the Urgency Ordinance does not create, directly or indirectly, or imply any right to claim any vested right for cultivators. All cultivators will be required to apply for County permits, in compliance with the future permanent commercial cultivation regulations when they are adopted.

The Urgency Ordinance may be extended by the Board of Supervisors at the end of the 45 days (February 1, 2018).

Urgency Ordinance Allowing Temporary and Limited Registration of Certain Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Under Specified Conditions (Adopted 12/19/17)

12/14/17 Update:
On December 12, 2017, the Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution No. 2017-157, a Resolution of Intent to Amend Article 72. Please see the Resolution for additional information. The BOS also directed County Counsel to draft an emergency ordinance to allow for the issuance of commercial cannabis cultivation permits in 2018. The Board requested this item be brought before them at the next meeting, on December 19, 2017. It is a timed item, scheduled at 9:45 a.m.

Draft Urgency Ordinance (Item 8.7 - 12/19/2017 BOS Meeting)
Resolution of Intent (adopted 12/12/2017)

11/22/17 Update
: On December 12, 2017, the Board of Supervisors will discuss the cannabis policy development and the timeline for future hearings and workshops. The time for the agenda item has not been confirmed yet. Revisions to the Draft  Replacement Cannabis Ordinance can be found below.

Staff Memorandum
Draft Replacement Cannabis Ordinance, Revised October 2017

8/8/17 Update: The County of Lake is seeking public input on the Draft Replacement Cannabis Ordinance to allow commercial cultivation
Memo to Interested Parties
Draft Replacement Cannabis Ordinance Aug 2017
Draft Replacement Cannabis Ordinance Summary Aug 2017
Draft Exclusionary Map
Pilot Program Selection Process

Article 72 Revision Ordinance

Article 72, as revised is the current Ordinance in place for cannabis cultivation.

11/9/17 Update:
This ordinance was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on 10/24/17 and will go into effect on 11/16/17. The final version may be accessed below. The Self-Certification application forms are also available below.

Application- Self-certification for Collective
Application FAQs (Updated 11/19/2017)
Article 72 as revised 10/24/17)
Final Ordinance (Adopted 10/24/17)

Draft Ordinance (for 10/17/2017 BOS Meeting)
Article 72 Amended Draft (10/3/2017)
Article 72 Amended Draft (9/26/2017)
Article 72 Amended Draft with strikethroughs

Community Growth Boundary Maps