Revised Cannabis Ordinance Presentation and Workshops
The Community Development Department is proposing an update to the
Zoning Ordinance to add an Article 73 to Chapter 21 of the Lake Zoning
Ordinance to address Commercial Cannabis permitting activities and

Please join us for this opportunity to provide input and feedback on the
proposed Zoning Ordinance. Please see flyer for more information.

The CDD Planning Division is currently accepting consultant prepared environmental reviews on a limited basis. The following steps must be complete before an outside prepared environmental review can be submitted to CDD for review

  1. The cannabis permit applications must be deemed complete
  2. The Request for Review process must have concluded (30 days)
  3. AB52 Consultation must have concluded (30 Days)
  4. Biological Assessment must be completed correctly (following the state protocols)
  5. CEQA determination has been completed by staff (IS or CatEx)

Staff will review the submitted documentation and reach out to the applicant to provide one of the following options for the completion of an environmental review

  1. The option to have CDD Complete the environmental review
  2. The option to have CDD select a third party consultant (at the applicant's charge)
  3. The option for the applicant to select their own environmental consultant (please note that CDD as Lead Agency is still the lead agency for outside prepared environmental reviews - Work prepared by a consultant must be verified by the Community Development Department prior to the CDD submitting these documents into the CEQA system and Only the County can submit documentation to the CEQANet).

Please do not submit an environmental review with a submitted application as this could delay the permit processing. Any environmental reviews that have been submitted without staff's direction will be returned back to the applicant unread and unprocessed.

Please note that this process flow is a very high level and general process flow. Some applications require additional steps and time depending on the permitting type. Each Application is Unique, this information is provided for planning purposes only.

  • Pre-Application Conference
  • Permit Application submitted
  • 30 Days to Determine Application Completeness
  • Complete Applications submitted to partner agencies for review (30 Days)
  • CEQA Analysis 180 days to complete (parallel review to agency review process)
  • Staff Report
  • Application Reviewed by Review Authority (Planning Commission or Zoning Administrator)
  • If Approved There is a 15 Day Appeal Period
  • Project Approved
Cannabis Flowchart

Application Checklist

Cultivation Article 27 - Please refer to pages 27-110 for Cannabis Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

"I did NOT grow this year" Procedure

License Types

When can I plant?

*Reminder of 10/31 deadline for Applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board or State Water Resources Control Board Enrollment*

This is a brief reminder that the County of Lake CDD will not accept cannabis permit applications unless the property proposed for cannabis cultivation is enrolled in the applicable water quality protection programs by October 31, 2020. Proof of enrollment includes a Notice of Applicability. Notice of Receipts will not be accepted.

Please note, this policy was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 12, 2020.

Section 1 Subsection (a) of Section 27.3(at)(2)(i)(b) of Chapter 21 of the Lake County Code is hereby amended, and shall read as follows:

a. The property proposed for commercial cannabis cultivation shall be enrolled with the applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board or State Water Resources Control Board for water quality protection programs as of October 31, 2020, or the applicant shall provide written verification from the appropriate board that enrollment is not necessary.

The information here has been provided as a convenience to the reader. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within this website. However, in the event of a discrepancy between this website and the governing municipal, building or zoning by-law, and any other governing by-law, the governing by-law will take precedence.