Cannabis FAQ

How do I obtain a cannabis cultivation permit?

Please refer to Article 27, Section (at) of the Lake County Zoning Ordinance for the overall requirements for obtaining a Commercial Cannabis Cultivation license.

Do I need a consultant to submit a Commercial Cannabis Cultivation application?
No, it is not required as part of the process.

Where can I find information regarding all the requirements and restrictions for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation, including which documents need to be submitted for the permit?

Information on cannabis cultivation is found in Article 27 of the Lake County Zoning Ordinance. Prior to submitting an application for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation, it would be beneficial for you to set up a Pre-Application meeting with a Planner at CDD.

How long does it take to receive a Commercial Cannabis Cultivation permit, and what is the process for obtaining one?

The process can take up to twenty four (24) months.

Here is the process:
Step 1: View your parcel online using the Public GIS. Once you have determined your zoning designation(s), please refer to the Lake County Zoning Ordinance and click on the proper article pertaining to your zoning designation(s) to ensure that the zoning supports cannabis.
Step 2: Schedule a Pre-App meeting
Step 3: Complete all required documents
Step 4: Submit a complete application packet (See the Checklist to ensure all documents are complete)
Step 5: Initial 30 day review of the packet by CDD.
Step 6: After the packet is deemed complete, it undergoes a 180 day Initial Study pursuant to CEQA requirements.
Step 7: After the application undergoes CEQA, it is scheduled for the Permitting Agency review (dependent upon schedules).
Step 8: After the Permitting Agency approval, the Cannabis Cultivation Permit is approved.

*Cultivation cannot occur until all State licenses have been obtained.*

When can I actually plant cannabis?
Only after obtaining the required County permit and state licenses.

How does the process differ between growing hemp and growing cannabis?
Hemp is monitored by the Lake County Department of Agriculture upon issuance of a zoning permit through the Lake County Community Development Department.

Cannabis is monitored by County and State agencies, and requires either a Major Use Permit or a Minor Use Permit from the County, depending on the project/license type.

What do I need to do to grow hemp?
First, please contact and coordinate with the Lake County Department of Agriculture.

Second, obtain the necessary permits from the Lake County Community Development Department.

What are the fees for the Major Use and Minor Use permits/Zoning Clearance?
Please contact the Planner on Duty as fees are subject to change.

What is the status of my application?
To find the status of your submitted application, please contact the Planner processing your application.

The information here has been provided as a convenience to the reader. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within this website. However, in the event of a discrepancy between this website and the governing municipal, building or zoning by-law, and any other governing by-law, the governing by-law will take precedence.