Zoning Ordinance

Articles 1 - 72 (full Zoning Ord download - 3.7MB) 
Article Title
Memo Amendments
Article 1  Table of Contents
Article 2    General Provisions
Article 3 Establishment of Districts
Article 4 Agricultural Preserve District (APZ) 
Article 5 Agricultural District (A)
Article 6 Timberland Preserve District (TPZ)
Article 7 Rural Lands District (RL)
Article 8 Rural Residential District (RR)
Article 9 Suburban Reserve District (SR)
Article 10  Single-Family Residential District (R1)
Article 11 Two-Family Residential District (R2)
Article 12 Multi-Family Residential District (R3)
Article 13 Planned Development Residential District (PDR)
Article 14 RESERVED
Article 15 Planned Development Commercial District (PDC)
Article 16 Highway Commercial District (CH)
Article 17 Resort Commercial District (CR)
Article 18 Local Commercial District (C1)
Article 19 Community Commercial District (C2)
Article 20 Service Commercial District (C3)
Article 21 Commercial/Manufacturing District (M1)
Article 22 Heavy Industrial District (M2)
Article 23 Industrial Park District (MP)
Article 24 Open Space District (O)
Article 25 Substandard Older Subdivision Combining District (SOS)
Article 26 Unclassified District (U) 
Article 27
Uses Generally Permitted
Article 28 Agricultural Industry Combining District (AI)
Article 29 Wetlands Combining District (W)
Article 30 Special Lot Size/Density Combining District (B)
Article 31 Special Floor Area Combining Districts (F)
Article 32 Mobilehome Combining District (MH)
Article 33 Residential Design Combining District (RD)
Article 34 Scenic Combining District (SC)
Article 35 Floodway Combining District (FW)
Article 36 Floodway Fringe Combining District (FF)
Article 37 Waterway Combining District (WW)
Article 38 Historic Preservation Combining District (HP)
Article 39 Airport Approach Combining District (AA)
Article 40 Parking Combining District (P)
Article 41 General Performance Standards
Article 42 Development Standards Exceptions
Article 43 Mobilehome Park, Recreational Vehicle Park, and Campground Standards
Article 44 Residential Condominium Conversion
Article 45 Signs and Billboards
Article 46 Parking
Article 47 Ordinance Text Amendments and Rezoning Amendments
Article 48 Zoning Clearance Permit
Article 49 Zoning Permit
Article 50 Minor Use Permit
Article 51 Major Use Permit
Article 52 Variances
Article 53 Design Review Combining District (DR)
Article 54 Design Review Permit
Article 55 Applications
Article 56 Development Review Permit
Article 57 Notice of Public Hearings
Article 58 Appeals
Article 59 Non-conforming Uses, Buildings and Structures
Article 60 Expiration, Revocation or Modification of Permits, and Reapplication
Article 61 Interpretation, Enforcement and Penalties
Article 62 Severability and Reference
Article 63 Liability
Article 64 Environmental Protection
Article 65 Surface Domestic Water Source Mitigation and Reimbursement
Article 66 Utilities and Public Road Facilities
Article 67 Statute of Limitations
Article 68 Definitions
Article 69 Development Agreements
Article 70 Reasonable Accommodation
Article 71  Regulation for Placement of Communications Tower and Antennae
Article 72 Regulations for the Cultivation of Medical Marijuana