Housing Element - Administrative Draft 2014-2019

This report is an update of the Housing Element adopted April, 2012, that addressed affordable housing needs from 2009 through 2014. While the process was fairly on track at the close of 2014, events in 2015 precluded the ability of the County to complete it on time. As more than 1300 homes were lost in the Valley Fire, and more than 1600 to summer wildland fires, it was determined that the 2014-2019 Housing Element should first establish conditions, needs and policies in place before the fire.  This is therefore a living document, with place markers for data, issues, programs and projects to be included in an immediate (summer/fall 2016) Valley Fire amendment, as the County continues to develop its’ long-term recovery plan.  The Planning Commission is scheduled for a Public Hearing on the Administrative Draft, April 28th, at 11:00am with a second Public Hearing before the Board of Supervisors tentatively scheduled for May 3, 2016.  Yellow highlighted sections of text and tables are currently being revised to reflect current information.  Please send all comments, concerns and suggestions to audrey.knight@lakecountyca.gov.


Table of Contents and Introduction

1.0 Housing Goals & Policies

2.0 Regional Housing Needs

3.0 Housing Needs Assessment

4.0 Resource Inventory

5.0 Potential Housing Constraints

6.0 Status & Evaluation of Existing Programs Element