About Us

The mission of the Criminal Division of the Office of the District Attorney is to work with all segments of the criminal justice system and the community to protect the innocent, ensure that the guilty are properly punished, and safeguard the rights of all. One part of that obligation is to separate criminals from society and to make them pay the penalty for their crimes. Another part of that same obligation is to see that innocent people accused of crimes are not prosecuted. The District Attorney's office works with more than 30 separate law enforcement agencies that may submit investigative reports for review for possible filing of criminal complaints or juvenile petitions.  In 2009 this office received 4,618 investigative reports for review, and approximately 3,455 criminal complaints and petitions were filed in Lake County courts.

Victim-Witness Division

The Victim-Witness Division provides immediate crisis response for victims of crime. The staff also functions as the liaison for victims and witnesses with all components of the criminal justice system. Funding for these services is provided primarily through various grants from the State and Federal governments.

Victim-Witness Division
420 2nd Street
Lakeport, CA  95453
(707) 262-4282