Preliminary Hearings

If you have any questions regarding the preliminary hearing you have been subpoenaed for, please call the assigned DDA at (707) 263-2251.

NOTE: If you do not see the case you have been subpoenaed for in the calendar below, it does not  necessarily mean that the case has been cancelled. To verify, please call the legal secretary at the number shown on your subpoena or call the main line at (707) 263-2251.

This calendar is frequently updated, so please check back regularly.
**Look up your case by the defendant's last name in the calendar below.**
Week of 1/21/19 thru 1/25/19
   Name When Where DDA
  ATKINS Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3 E. Borg
  BOWERS  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3 R. Abelson
  CONTRERAS  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3 T. Jensen
  COOPER Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3     A. Grothe
  DURNAL/GROSS  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3 D. Flesch
  GERBER/HERRICK  Thursday 1/24/19 Dept 4 J. Langan
  KEATING  Thursday 1/24/19  Dept 4  R. Abelson
  MASSEY  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3 T. Jensen
  MC DANIEL  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3  T. Jensen
  MC MULLEN  Thursday 1/24/19 Dept 2 R. Abelson
  MONTGOMERY  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3 D. Flesch
  NIELSEN/SPRING  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3 J. Langan
  NIELSON/DRENNAN  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3  D. Flesch
  QUINN  Thursday 1/24/19 Dept 4 T. Jensen
  RESENDEZ  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3  T. Jensen 
  STEEL  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3  D. Flesch
  SUTHERLAND Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3  R. Abelson
  WASHAM  Tuesday 1/22/19 Dept 3  A. Grothe