Useful Links

State of California

Board of Equalization - (Business Taxes & Licenses)
Contractor's State License Board 
Environmental Health Hazard Assessment - (Fish Consumption)
Environmental Protection Agency
Fish and Wildlife
Public Health - Blue Green Algae Blooms
Public Health - Food and Drug Branch
Public Health - Food Safety Program
Toxic Substances Control
Water Resources - Cal Well Standards
Water Resources Control Board

US Federal Government

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Tenant Rights, Laws & Protections
USDA - Food Safety & Inspection Service

Miscellaneous Organizations

Americans with Disabilities Act
NSF - Wastewater Treatment Units
National Food Safety Month (NFSM) - Resource for Food Recalls
Service Animals FAQs
ServSafe Food Safety

Recreational Swimming, Pools & Spas

Association of Pool & Spa Professionals
CDC - Healthy Swimming
CDC - Swimmer's Itch
National Swimming Pool Foundation

Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA)

CalCupa - Certified Unified Program Agencies
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program Forms

County of Lake Municipal Code

Health and Sanitation - Regulation of Wells and Preservation of Groundwater
(Look under Chapter 9: Health and Sanitation, Article VIII: Regulation of Wells)