Employment Application

Please complete the online employment application form and supplemental questionnaire for County of Lake job opportunities.  Only online applications are accepted.

Review the requirements on the job posting and list information on the application form about your experience, education and certifications that detail how you fulfill those requirements.  A cover letter and resume may be included with your application.   

 To Apply for a Job Posting - Click Here 

Return to the Job Opportunities page to apply for a job posting.  At the Job Opportunities page, click on the Open Job Postings.  At the Open Job Postings page (at the bottom of the screen), click on the Job Title that you want to apply for.  At the Job Title page, click on the Apply link (located under the job title and salary information on the right side of the screen)

NOTE: Do not use this application to apply for positions in SOCIAL SERVICES or CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES unless they contain the notation "EXEMPT FROM MERIT SYSTEMS".
Personnel services for SOCIAL SERVICES and CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES (except as noted above) are handled at the State level and require that you submit directly to Sacramento a MERIT SYSTEMS application. To obtain a MERIT SYSTEMS employment application, contact these departments directly at the address and phone number listed on the job announcement or go to the CPS website and click on the quick link to Merit Systems Services Jobs. To obtain an employment application from the departments use the address and phone numbers at Social Services or Child Support Services.