What are the hiring procedures for the County of Lake?

All applicants must submit an official County of Lake Employment Application and supplemental questionnaire by the deadline stated on the job flyer. Any other requirements listed in the flyer must be provided as attachments to the application (i.e.: typing certificate; certification; etc.). Resumes and letters of reference are gladly accepted as attachments but are not required. Applications may be delivered or mailed to the Human Resource Department on the first floor of the County of Lake Courthouse. Our mailing address is:

Human Resources Department
255 N. Forbes St.
Lakeport, CA 95453

Applications must be received in the Human Resources Department on or before 5pm on the deadline date. We do not accept postmarks. We do accept faxed applications for the deadline (707) 262-1843, however, we require that the originals be mailed to us as well.

All notices to applicants will be sent by mail.

All applications will be screened to see that the minimum qualifications stated in the job posting are satisfied. Applications that do not meet those qualifications will not be considered further.

In the event that a very large number of qualified applications are received, the screeners may further limit the number of applications by selecting more stringent criteria based on the job requirements. Applications will then be screened against these more stringent requirements, and those applications meeting these standards will continue in the selection process.

Some positions require written testing as part of the selection process. Qualified applicants will be invited to test on a particular date and time. Those applicants who take the test and pass will go on to the next phase of the selection process.

Oral Panel Interview
Most positions require participation in an oral panel interview as part of the selection process. Oral panels are generally composed of three panelists: a member of the hiring department/division; another County of Lake employee not from the same division; and a panelist not employed by the County of Lake. Qualifying applicants will be invited to interview on a particular day and will be asked to call for an interview time. Panelists will ask each of the applicants the same questions in the same order at each interview. Each panelist independently scores each applicant after the interview. The Human Resources Department collects and averages the scores of the three panelists to determine the applicant’s overall oral panel score.

Eligibility List
Those applicants who pass the required testing and/or panel interview become qualified candidates and have their names added to an Eligibility List for the position. Candidates are ranked by the method described in the job flyer – typically by the oral panel score, the written test score, or some combination of the two. Those candidates ranking in the top four will have their names forwarded to the hiring department for consideration and possibly a departmental interview. The Eligibility List is also used for future hiring for that same position. The list is valid for one year or until each candidate on the list has had the opportunity for at least one departmental interview, whichever is shorter.