Quality Improvement Workflow



 QI Workplan FY 2018-2019  
 QI Workplan FY 2017-2018
 QI Evaluation FY 2017-2018
 QI Workplan FY 2016-2017  
 QI Workplan FY 2015-2016  

Cultural & Linguistic Competence Plan

Lake Cultural and Linguistic Competence Plan FY 2017-18 FINAL 122917
Lake 2018 Cultural and Linguistic Competence Plan FINAL 11-16-18

Performance Dashboard

Medi-Cal SMHS for Children/Youth
Medi-Cal SMHS for Children/Youth- *ADA

Medi-Cal SMHS for Adults
Medi-Cal SMHS for Adults- *ADA
*ADA version has redundant graphical information redacted.
Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS)