Contractor Portal

This portal is dedicated to supporting our contracted providers with helpful tools and information related to reporting, compliance, and documentation.

Documentation Manuals for SMHS and SUD providers (clinical, medical, rehabilitation & peer support staff)
CalMHSA Learning Management System instructions

CalAIM policies (indexed with all LCBHS policies here):
285 Criteria for Beneficiary Access to Specialty Mental Health Services
331 No Wrong Door for Mental Health Services
327 Medical Necessity - LOC determination for DMC
333 Documentation Requirements for SMHS and DMC

Miscellaneous Documentation

Use this secure link: to submit any documentation requested by the department not already specified on this page.

SUDS Site Reviews

Annually, the Compliance/QI team conducts site reviews for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services providers. If you have documentation you need to submit, please upload this documentation securely at the following website:

CalOMS Treatment

California’s data collection and reporting system for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services.
CalOMS Submittal process (quick guide)
New client form LCBHS0109
Upload new client forms here: https:// 
CalOMS Policy

Network Adequacy

Network Provider Questionnaire - Complete this form each time you add or remove clinical staff from agency employment. This helps your department meet mandated reporting requirements for Network Adequacy. 

Network reporting tool & Network change report
Please use the tools linked above to report on all providers for your agency who have the capacity to serve Lake County Beneficiaries. We use this information for reporting purposes and to populate our provider directories.
Upload reports securely here:

Access Data

Access Data (information related your timeliness to respond to service requests) must be reported quarterly by Lake County contractors providing services to Medi Cal beneficiaries. The Lake County Behavioral Health Services Department collects this data and reports on it regularly to the Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS). This information can be uploaded securely here:

VPN Access

All staff and partners of the Lake County Behavioral Health Services who access/transmit protected health information must have a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Please contact [email protected] for more information about this process.

Code of Conduct

All providers of the Lake County Behavioral Health Services annually must submit copies of their staff's signed organizational code of conducts at the following website:

Providers who do not have an organizational code of conduct to supply may review and sign the Lake County Behavioral Health Services code of conduct instead by clicking on this link.

Sentinel Event/Unusual Occurence Reporting

A “sentinel event” is defined as any situation or event related to LCBHS that threatens the health or safety of LCBHS clients, staff, or providers. 

Policy# 164 - Sentinel Event/Unusual Occurence Reporting
Sentinel Event/Unusual Occurence Reporting Form

Secure website where reports can be uploaded: