Workforce Education & Training

The goal of the Workforce Education & Training (WET) component is to develop a diverse workforce. Clients and families/caregivers are given training to help others by providing skills to promote wellness and other positive mental health outcomes, they are able to work collaboratively to deliver client-and family-driven services, provide outreach to unserved and underserved populations, as well as services that are linguistically and culturally competent and relevant, and include the viewpoints and expertise of clients and their families/caregivers.

WET Regional Project

On June 4, 2020 CIBHS met with CBHDA and the Regional Partnership Leads to discuss potential opportunities to support the regions in their implementation of the new 5 Year WET plan. CIBHS has a long history of supporting California counties in the area of behavioral health workforce development. In 2008, when the first WET 5 Year Plan was launched, CIBHS facilitated WET Round Tables to assist the Regional Partnerships in development of funding utilization plans and to start forming WET partnerships across the state.

CIBHS Workforce Development Proposal to Regional Leads
SRP Draft Application
Superior RP Scope of Work - DRAFT