Mental Health Services

Program Description

Provides recovery-oriented care including crisis resolution, assessment, counseling, and access to hospital and residential services for adults experiencing serious mental illness and children with emotional disturbance. Also provides substance use disorder services for adults and youth.

Access Team

The Access Team screens incoming requests for services and orchestrates the initial assessment process for people age five (5) and up. LCBHS provides Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS) to adults with moderate to severe mental illness and children with significant emotional disturbances.

Crisis Services

Crisis Services are available 24-hours per day; seven days per week; 365 days per year. The team supports joint community response with law enforcement to people experiencing a mental health crisis in the community. The team also ensures linkages to appropriate services and supports and conducts risk assessments of people in the hospital Emergency Department for a mental health crisis; 5150 designation. Crisis Services provides outreach to people who have recently had a mental health crisis.

Medications Services

The Medications Services Team provides psychiatric medication management services to beneficiaries meeting (SMHS) criteria. Our team mainly uses telehealth providers. The team’s nursing staff provides on-site and in-home medication injection services.

Adult Full Service Partnership Services

This team of mental health paraprofessionals and professionals provides a variety of wraparound supports to clients with very high needs, such as homelessness. This team utilizes Strengths Based Case Management, an evidence-based practice. Full Service Partnership (FSP) is a Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) program with core values rooted in housing first and a “whatever it takes” philosophy. Our FSP program provides services to all age groups. Learn more here:

Children’s Services

LCBHS provides specialized services to children age five (5) to 18. This often involves coordination with medication services. Children may also receive FSP services. This team receives referrals from child welfare, probation, primary care settings, schools, and caregivers. Like the Adult Team, this team utilizes Strengths Based Case Management, along with other evidence-based practices.

Early Intervention Services

The Early Intervention Services Team provides services to Transitional Age Youth (TAY) who are exhibiting signs and symptoms of early psychosis or those who may have already had a “first break.” This team provides intensive, wraparound support to TAY and their families to ensure they stay on-track to meet developmental milestones.

Specialty Adult Services  

The Specialty Adult Services Team serves the following populations: CalWORKs recipients, CWS-involved caregivers and families, Trauma-Focused Co-Occurring services, and services for those involved with the criminal justice system (including AB109 probationers). The common thread here is systems involvement. This team coordinates and collaborates with other County Departments and agencies to support clients in their recovery.


LCBHS partners with the Department of Social Services (DSS) to provide conservatorship evaluations. These evaluations determine whether a person is too severely mentally ill to remain living independently in the community safely. We also work with DSS on placement of people who are conserved.

Discharge Planning

LCBHS’ Discharge Planning Team works with inpatient treatment facilities to ensure a smooth discharge process for beneficiaries who have been admitted to inpatient treatment. The team ensures that these people are linked to appropriate services and supports in the community once they leave a treatment facility.

Incompetent to Stand Trial (Penal Code 1370)

LCBHS works with the jail and criminal justice system to identify and facilitate evaluation of people who are not able to participate in their own defense because of a mental illness.


Adults and children experiencing serious mental illness or emotional disturbance. Serves primarily those on Medi-Cal, Medicare or indigent, but all are eligible to request services to determine eligibility.

Application Procedures

Call office during business hours or 800 number nights & weekends.

Nights & Weekends: (800) 900-2075

South Shore: (707) 994-7090

North Shore: (707) 274-9101