Community Peer Support Centers

Peer Support Recovery Centers currently operate five peer support centers throughout Lake County. All centers are now open. 
  • The Big Oak Peer Support Center - Clearlake Oaks
  • Circle of Native Minds Center - Lakeport
  • La Voz de la Esparanza - Clearlake
  • Family Support Center - Middletown
  • Harbor on Main TAY Peer Support Center - Lakeport

A variety of education, prevention and early intervention services, programs and activities are run through these centers. The concepts of wellness, recovery and resiliency are embedded in the programming at all locations.

Each of these centers serves niche populations, promote cultural competency through program design, and allow access to resources and linkages to needed services.

These centers are intended to reduce disparities in access to mental health services amongst identified priority population and provide peer employment opportunities.

The centers also serve as a safe and easily accessible community-based location for residents to connect to behavioral health services.

For more information, please contact a center below.

The Big Oak Peer Support Center

13300 E. Hwy 20, Suite O
Clearlake Oaks, CA 94523
(707) 998-0310


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Photo: Big Oak Peer Support Center - Clearlake Oaks

 The Big Oak Peer Support Center serves as a center of learning for self-improvement and a link to mental health services for the community of Lake County. The Big Oak Peer Support Center provides a positive and supportive environment for people who may be facing life struggles.

Staff collaborate with local housing shelters and other community agencies in assisting community members with applying for benefits/assistance, obtaining housing, medical care, and mental health or substance use treatment services. This center has become an effective resource for those experiencing homelessness in the Services have expanded to include a popup care trailer, support with applying for public assistance, food distribution, and a clothing closet.

The Big Oak Peer Support Center serves anyone in the community who feels they may need assistance and support with mental health, substance use and/or homelessness.

Big Oak Peer Support Center September 2022 Event Calendar - PDF

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Circle of Native Minds Cultural Center

525 N Main St
Lakeport, CA 95453
(707) 263-4880


circle of native minds, peer support center, mhsa, wellness center

Photo: Circle of Native Minds - Lakeport 

The Circle of Native Minds is a pee support center that provides culturally relevant, wellness-oriented services for the Native American communities of Lake County. This center also offers outreach and engagement for the local tribal communities, training for suicide prevention, and a community meeting place with a tribal history and cultural library.

The staff at the center provides a welcoming, culturally sensitive environment, allowing community members an opportunity to connect with their elders and begin the road to recovery. The relationship between this center and the community continues to grow.

The Circle is able to offer many traditional cultural activities both at the center and in the community. Center staff also attend community activities and events to promote center services.

The Harbor on Main

150 S. Main Street
Lakeport, CA  95453
(707) 994-5486


the harbor, peer support center, mhsa, wellness center 

Photo: The Harbor on Main - Lakeport 

The Harbor Youth Resource Center is a place where transition-age youth can come to find supports and services to help them move from adolescence to adulthood successfully.  The Harbor does this by providing social, emotional, and physical support and care. 

This program provides education support, housing navigation, peer mentorship, health and well-being, employment workshops and more. This center focus particularly on resources and services that promote opportunities to engage youth as partners and provide youth the opportunity to develop the real-life skills necessary to succeed as community citizens and workers.

Timely access to services is achieved the moment a participant walks through the doors of the center. Youth have immediate access to resource to meet their acute and long-term needs including food, hygiene products, clothing, referrals for services.

The Harbor is listed under Skill Building and Empowerment Services at the link below

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The Harbor on Main Event Calendar - September 2022
Elevate Youth Flyer


La Voz de la Esperanza Centro Latino

14092 Lakeshore Drive

Clearlake, CA 95422
(707) 994-4261



la voz, peer support center, mhsa, wellness center 

Photo: La Voz de la Esparanza - Clearlake

La Voz de la Esparanza has a unique way to effectively increase access & promote Mental Health wellness services in the Latino community through peer support. The program is formally and informally engaging the Latino community to offer culturally sensitive support. 

The program's main goal is to provide outreach to link people to services, information, and Mental Health wellness and La Voz is mainly serving the underserved Latino community in Lake County, but open to all, addressing multiple barriers to accessing services, including those related to culture, language, stigma and mistrust.

Other community based organizations are also referring Spanish-speaking consumers to this center for services, helping often underserved individuals feel more comfortable receiving support and discussing mental health challenges in a culturally relevant way.
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La Voz de la Esparanza August 2022 Event Calendar

Family Support Center

21389 Stewart Street, Suite E 
Middletown, CA 95461
(707) 987-9601


family support center, peer support center, mhsa, wellness center 

Photo: Family Support Center - Middletown 

The Family Support Center is the newest peer support center, overseen by LCBHS’ Parent Partner. The Parent Partner provides peer-to-peer understanding and support, helps parents and families navigate the services system and advocates for their needs.

The Parent Partner brings “lived experience” of the service system and can provide families with non-clinical insights on how to seek appropriate services and community with service providers.

The Family Support Center provides resources, referrals, and support for families involved with the county behavioral health system, or that need more information on other available community resources. The center is a safe, comfortable environment to learn more about behavioral health services in our community, get connected to appropriate services/programs, and socialize and receive support with others in the community.

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