Library Cards

Lake County Library CardGet a Library Card
Getting a library card is FREE and easy. All you need is ID with proof of your mailing address.

There are three ways to apply for a library card:

  • Come into the library and apply in person.
  • Call your local library and apply over the phone.
  • Click here to submit an application for an online card.

If you already have a card from Sonoma or Mendocino County, it is good in Lake County. Lake County, Sonoma County, and Mendocino County all honor each others' library cards.  If the card is lost, but you still have an account, we will update your registration and issue a Lake County card to you. 

Children's Cards

A parent or legal guardian may send their card with a copy of their identification as above, and sign the application for all children under 18. Parents are responsible for fines and fees that their children incur. 

What's a Library PIN?

To access our online catalog or digital resources you will often be asked your PIN. Your PIN is usually the last four digits of the phone number on your library card registration unless you changed it or set it yourself when applying for an online library card. If you don't know your PIN you can call or email the library to get a new PIN.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Report it to the library immediately. We will declare it lost and issue you a new one. Replacement cards are free and we will check your identification.

When you have a library card, you agree to the rules of the library including promptly paying all charges for lost, damaged, or overdue library materials; and to give notice of any change of address. You are responsible for any item checked out to your card. Please have your card with you when you call or visit the library. If you have any other questions, contact one of our branches: Lakeport, Redbud (Clearlake), Middletown, or Upper Lake.

What if I can't make it into the branch?

You can call your local branch or submit a library card application online and staff can create a card for you over the phone to use online. You can them come pick up your physical card by showing your ID at the branch location.