Library Budget

The Library budget provides library services for County residents and visitors of all ages through four libraries located in Lakeport, Clearlake, Middletown, and Upper Lake. These services include loaning books and materials to residents, programs and events for children, teens, and adults that promote life-long learning and literacy, internet access through free wifi and public computers, reference assistance, and the adult literacy program.

The library is primarily funded with a dedicated property tax approved by the voters in 1974. Property taxes make up the majority of all revenue. A very small portion of revenue is provided by library fines, fees, charges for printing, copying, and meeting room rent. 

Below you can see a summary excerpt of the budget adopted by the Board of Supervisors for the county fiscal year, which starts in July and ends in June. You can view the full county budget here

Revenue 2017/18 
Timber Yield $2,097
Property Tax $753,257
Forfeit, Penalties $58
Rents & Concessions
(Room Rent, Printing, Copying Charges)
Revenue from Use of Money $1,663
State Aid (Grants from State)                $38,337
Other Federal (Grants) $35,000
Other Current Services
(Library Fines & Fees)
Miscellaneous & Donations $5,000
Operating Transfers  $14,281
Total Revenue  $881,790
Expenditures 2017/18 
Salaries & Employee Benefits           $605,453
Communications $72,977
Household Expense (Janitorial) $28,206
Public Liability $6,916
Fire & Allied Coverage $14,243
Maintenance – Equipment $2,490
Maintenance – Buildings $96,995
Memberships $3,517
Supplies $9,874
Postage  $1,500
Professional Services $97,139
Publications  $150
Rents & Leases  $1
Supplies & Services*
(Library Materials)
Transportation  $800
Utilities  $53,160
Inventory Items  $17,105
Taxes & Assessments  $193
Literacy Program Supplies $850 
Interfund Reimbursements -$15,000 
Total Expenditure  $1,039,362

*The Supplies & Services (Library Materials) budget is used to purchase new books, audiobooks, DVDs, ebooks, newspapers, magazines, microfilming, and other public materials for the library collection at all four branches. The current materials budget is not sufficient and the long term goal of the library is to increase the amount spent on library materials. 

The Lake County Library budget overall is very lean. The below table compares library staff full time equivalence, expenditures on staff, and expenditures on library materials per capita to neighboring counties. Higher per capita numbers means more is being spent per person who lives in that area. 

2016/17 Staff FTE per 1,000 Population  Total Staff Expenditure per Capita  Materials Expenditures per Capita 
Colusa County Free Library 0.4537 $30.21 $2.53
Lake County Library 0.1594 $8.76 $0.62
Mendocino County Library 0.3119 $20.44 $4.92
Napa County Library 0.3835 $35.00 $3.88
Sonoma County Library 0.3177 $26.46 $3.74 
Willows Public Library 0.4427  $10.84 $0.90 

Source: California Library Statistics Portal

If you have questions or concerns about the library budget please feel free to contact the Library Director