Loan Periods

For how long are library items checked out?

If the item belongs to Lake County:

  • Books are checked out for three weeks.
  • DVDs and videos are usually checked out for one week.
  • Large DVD sets (with a runtime of over 300 minutes) check out for three weeks.
  • Back issues of most magazines can be checked out for three weeks.

Items that belong to Sonoma County Library or Mendocino County Library may have different due dates.

Please verify your due dates on your check-out receipt or by logging into your library account on the Library Catalog.

Contact a library if you have any questions or problems with your account.


How many times may I renew an item?

Each item can be renewed three times if no one else has requested the item.

If I renew something, when will it be due?

The renewal period on each item is the same as its checkout period.
For example, a three-week item will have a new due date three weeks from the renewal date.