Lake County Collection

Books in the Lake County Collection are about Lake County. The collection features both non-fiction about the geography, ecology, people and history of Lake County as well as fiction set in Lake County. Contact the main branch of the Lake County Library in Lakeport for more information. 
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Some notable books from the collection are listed below. Click here to find all the books in the Lake County Collection in the library catalog. Click here to download a PDF flyer of featured titles.



Lake County

By Marcia Bishop Sanderson & Maureen Garcia Carpenter

Arcadia. 2005. 128 pages.

Clear Lake, the oldest lake in North America, remains at the heart of life in Lake County for millennia.

California’s Lake County: places & postal history

By Erving Feltman

The Depot. 1993. 118 pages.

This is a story about the many interesting places that developed in Lake County’s early days. Some of those communities still exist, others have disappeared over time.

History of Napa & Lake Counties

By Lyman L. Palmer

Slocum, Bowen & Co. 1881. 32 pages.

A full and particular record of the early history and settlement of Lake County, plus biographical sketches of early settlers.

Lake County History

By Gene Paleno

Pal Publishing. 2016. 452 pages.

Millions of years of area history, from the formation of Clear Lake to the present in 100+ stories.


Lake County Wine Guide

By Gaye Allen

Meadowlark. 2018. 135 pages.

Exploring the spectacular natural beauty, volcanic vineyard landscapes and world class wines of Lake County, with history and geography of the area.

Resorts of Lake County

By Donna Hoberg

Arcadia. 2007. 127 pages.

Beginning in the 1860s, Lake County’s resorts equipped with recreational facilities, dance floors, live music, bountiful food, hunting, fishing and children’s entertainment drew visitors in droves.

The Story of Guenoc Ranch

By Genevieve Magoon

Self-published. 1976. 92 pages.

The land now known as Guenoc Ranch near Middletown has been home to Indians, Spanish, Mexican and Gold Rush immigrants, and more.


The Life & Death of a Quicksilver Mine

By Helen Rocca Goss

Historical Society of Southern California. 1958. 158 pages.

The story of the Great Western Mine, one of California’s most important early quicksilver mines.

Anton’s Hodge-Podge

By Wellington Baird Anton

Self-published. 1987. 146 pages.

A chronicle of insignificant happenings enjoyed by the young members of Lakeport’s Anton family prior to, during and immediately following “The Great Depression.”

Anderson Marsh State Historical Park

By Kathleen Scavone

Bradford Creek Publishers.1999. 118 pages.

A walking history, prehistory, flora, and fauna tour of a California state park where human history goes back at least 10,000 years.

Stories & Legends of Lake County

By Ruth Lewis & Cora Benson

Santa Rosa Press Democrat. 1949. 86 pages.

Covers Lake County’s geographic and human history from the formation of Clear Lake, through native history to the pioneers and the early 20th century.

History of Lake County Agriculture

By Lake County Department of Agriculture. 1988. 26 pages.

Summaries of production & value for pears, wine grapes & walnuts, 1919-1987.

Clear Lake

The Causes & Control of Algal Blooms in Clear Lake

By Peter J. Richerson

University of California, Davis. 1994.

Clean Lakes diagnostic/feasibility study for Clear Lake, California.


Clear Lake, California, Water Problems

By David Luce

Yuba Community College. 1977. 122 Pages.

District Attorney Luce issued these articles and memoranda in connection with specific problems concerning water rights and Clear Lake.


History of Clear Lake, Mt. Konocti and the Lake County Cattle Industry

By Henry Mauldin

Anderson Printing. 1968. 80 pages.

Mt. Konocti, a long-quiet volcano, sits on the shores of Clear Lake, possibly the oldest lake in North America.


Wannabe a Clear Lake Geologist?

By Dana Eker

Self-published. 2007. 121 pages.

Take a road trip & follow Lake County as it migrated from the ocean floor, collided with the San Andreas Fault, and the Mendocino Triple Junction produced the magma that became Mt. Konocti.


Native Americans

The Pomo of Lake County

By K. C. Patrick

Arcadia. 2008. 127 pages.

The Native Americans of Lake County and their ancestors lived for more than 12,000 years in this temperate Eden of abundance.

A Walk Through Time (DVD)

By California State University

Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology. 2015 28 minutes.

With a history spanning 14,000 years, Anderson Marsh State Historic Park is the home of the Koi people who were the first humans to colonize the area and who are still there to this day.


Remember Your Relations

By Suzanne Abel-Vidor

Heyday Books. 1996. 128 pages.

Pomo Indian basketry ranks as a world-class art, and no more interesting collection exists than that created by Elsie Allen and her mother, Annie Burke.


Collected Documents on the Causes & Events in the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850

By Robert F. Heizer

University of California. 1973.

77 pages.

Native & white perspectives on the massacre of native americans in retaliation for the killings of Kelsey & Stone.


Lake County in Fiction

After the Fire

By Patty Diener

Self-published. 2019. 248 pages.

Gabriel Hart and Sarah McKinney try to mend their broken hearts while assisting those who lost virtually everything in the Valley Fire.


Cobb Mtn. Mysteries

By Kit Decanti

KitDee Productions. 300 pages.

Thrilling romantic suspense stories set on Cobb Mountain.


And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You

By Kathi Goldmark

Chronicle Books. 2002  320 pages.

Sarah Jean Pixlie catapults from struggling back-up singer to blazing star on the country music scene, with forays into Lake County.


On Kelsey Creek

By Phyllis Whetstone Taper

Conservation Press. 2004. 208 pages.

The promise of the harvest and the hopes of Kelsey Creek’s women and men come up against the tragic events of summer, 1927.