Kids Farmers Market

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Kids Farmers Market will not be held this year. Click here to learn more.

The Kids Farmers Market is designed as a learning opportunity for young farmers and entrepreneurs where they can learn the skills of salesmanship, cash-based math, design, gardening and display in order to create, grow, market, and sell products. The Lake County Library encourages family participation but this is a KIDS farmers market and kids should be responsible for their own booth.

Basic Info: Children (age 5 to 18) are encouraged to bring items they have made by hand or they have grown at home to sell at their own booth. 

Pricing: Children set their own prices for items, but may consider guidance from their caregiver. There are no fees charged to participants. Remember to bring your own cash box with change. Change will not be supplied by the library.

Setup: Children have the primary responsibility for set-up, maintenance and break down of their storefronts with guidance from their caregiver. Please bring your own table, chair, and signs. 

Safety: Please do not block sidewalks or walkways. Children under age 12 must be attended by an adult (18+) caregiver at all times. 

Preparation: Please make sure you consider sanitation and cleanliness when you prepare and display your products. 

Location: The Kids Farmer’s Market will be held outside, unless the temperatures get too high (95+). Then it will be held inside the library.

Certificate: Obtain and fill out a certificate from library staff before setting up your booth. All booths must have a completed certificate displayed prominently at their booth during the market. Certificates must be turned into library staff before leaving the market. 


Check out our calendar for the Kids Farmer's Market nearest you.