Contactless Pickup

Contactless Pickup

How it Works

  1. Request items online or over the phone.
  2. Call the library and schedule a time for pick up.
  3. Pick up your items during your scheduled time

Items for pick up will be marked with the first four letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your library card number. Items are already checked out to you. Please only take or touch your own items.

If your items are not on the delivery table during your scheduled delivery time please call the library. 

If you aren't able to make your pick-up time call the library to reschedule. Your items will only be available during your scheduled pick-up time.

How to Find Items

You can visit our catalog to find items available for request. You can then use your library card and PIN to request the items. The library will notify you via phone, text, or email when your holds are ready. 

Items available at your local branch will be ready for pickup faster.

  1. On the Library Catalog enter your search terms such as a book title, author or subject. Click search.
  2.  Scroll down the list of items to find which you would like to request. 
  3. On a Computer: Click place request. On a Mobile Device: Click the three vertical dots next to a item and choose place request.
  4. If you aren't logged in you will be asked to put in your library card number and PIN (usually the last four digits of your phone number).
  5. In the drop down menu, choose the branch you would like to pick up your item at and click Place Request and then OK.

If you want to browse everything the library system has to offer you can hit search without putting any search terms in the box. You can then use the Subject, Genre or Collection limits to see whats available for a broad section of items, similar to browsing the different shelving areas in the library.

  1. In the search box, hit Search without typing anything in to the field.  
  2. On a computer: On the right side underneath Limit Search Results Subject, Genre or Collection click View All. On a mobile device: Touch Filter Results and then Subject, Genre or Collection.
  3. Select your desired limits and then choose Include.
  4. From the list of results click the request button to choose an item. 

Staff will also be happy to help you find items over the phone.

More Information

If you need to return items, please use the outside book drop.

Please call before making book donations at this time.

We will not be accepting payment for fines and fees of less than $10.00 via contactless pickup. If you have fines and fees of more than $10.00 please call the library.

Miss those storytime crafts? Request a grab and go storytime craft when you request your items over the phone.

Take Proper Health Precautions

Please obey all health rules while picking up your items. We ask that you do not loiter around the pick up location.

Digital Services Still Available

We have a wealth of content available online: ebooks, audiobooks, movies and more. Click here to learn more about our digital content.