Courthouse Museum

The Courthouse Museum is located in downtown Lakeport, with two-hour limited street parking is available around the building.

Handicapped parking is available near Third and Main Street.

The Museum entrance is located about 250 feet from the sidewalk and streets. There are concrete paths through the park to the entrance.

The main doors to the Museum are located up 8 stairs. There is an accessible ramped entrance on the 4th street side of the building. There is a buzzer that will alert staff to open the door.

The building is 2 floors with about 30 railed steps to the second floor, there is a landing.

There is a new elevator to the second floor.

There are two single stalled bathrooms with grab-bars located on the First Floor.

Schoolhouse Museum

The Schoolhouse Museum in located at the end of Main Street in Lower Lake on a hill.

Parking for the Schoolhouse Museum is a gravel lot with 3 steps to the level of the Museum building.

Handicapped parking is on asphalt, with no steps to the museum.

Weaver Auditorium is open for special exhibits on the second floor, with the main galleries on the first floor.

The Auditorium is accessible by an exterior elevator, or exterior metal grate stairs with a landing. Internally, there are railed steps to the second floor with a landing.

The first floor has a single accessible bathroom with a grab-bar. The Auditorium has two multi-stalled bathrooms with one larger ADA stall with a grab-bar.

Gibson Museum

The Gibson Museum is located on Main Street Middletown.

Street parking is available around the Museum, as well as a small amount of parking behind the building in an unpaved lot. Handicapped parking is located on the Callayomi Street side of building with a ramped entrance leading from that spot to the building. Entrance from the street is accessible through the front garden with two steps to the building.

The Gibson building is a single story, with tiled floors.

Gibson Museum has an ADA compatible, single stall restroom with a grab-bar.