Reserve a Park

Note: Parks with an asterisk (*) are not county owned parks, and cannot be reserved through the county. Any inquires regarding these parks must be directed to the contact agency for that park.

When is a Permit Needed?
Property usage permits are required when any organized or planned event taking place on county property is sponsored by a publicly recognized organization (profit or non-profit), person, business or other entity which invites, advertises or seeks entrants in excess of 25 participants.

When is a Permit Not Needed?
As a general rule a permit is not required when family groups (weddings, reunions, including school reunions) and other similar groups, not associated with an established organization, hold an event where there are less than 100 participants. Contact Public Services at 262-1618 to determine if your planned event qualifies.

Property Usage Type  Contact 
 County Parks
 (except Highland Springs Park)
Public Services
(707) 262-1618
333 2nd St
Lakeport, CA
Download application - Requiring insurance. (e.g. bounce house, school event, etc.)
Download application - No insurance required.
Please call the office to inquire about which application you may need before printing.
 Highland Springs Park Water Resources
(707) 263-2344
or click to download application form