The Road Maintenance Division is responsible for protecting and maintaining 615.58 centerline miles of public roads, 125 bridges and numerous major drainage structures in the unincorporated area of the county. The focus of this division's program is preventative maintenance and the protection of the public's investment in its road system. This program is accomplished by an aggressive approach with emphasis on drainage, patching and sealing of pavement surfaces and extensions of pavement life by placing a variety of seal type coatings (chip, slurry and emulsion) on existing surfaces. Traffic safety is afforded through efforts to provide adequate visibility via control of vegetation by mowing and trimming in addition to an aggressive pavement marking and roadside warning and regulatory sign maintenance program.  Each of these activities assists the motorist's perception of roadway conditions. The Division consists of 34 field employees stationed at three satellite road maintenance yards as follows:

Lower Lake Maintenance Area  

15970 Kugelman Street,
Lower Lake
(707) 994-2566
Area Supervisor: Chris Prather
Lower Lake, Loch Lomond, Adams Springs, Anderson Springs, Middletown, Unincorporated Clearlake Highlands area (includes Sulphur Bank Road, North Drive, Crestview, Lakeshore Drive), and Point Lakeview area from Hwy 29 to Wheeler Drive Maintenance

Upper Lake Maintenance Area

1275 West Highway 20,
Upper Lake
(707) 275-2423
Area Supervisor: Daniel Wright
Blue Lakes, Scotts Valley, North Lakeport, Lakeport (North of Martin Street and inclusive of Martin Street and Keck Road), Nice-Lucerne Cutoff, Bachelor Valley, Upper Lake, Nice, Lucerne, Kono Tayee, Pillsbury Area, Bartlett Springs, Glenhaven, Clearlake Oaks, Long Valley Maintenance

Kelseyville Maintenance Area

4460 Finley East Road,
(707) 279-4229
Area Supervisor: Ed Pepper
Cobb, Kelseyville, Soda Bay, Clearlake Rivieras, Riviera Heights, Riviera West, Lakeport (south of Martin Street), Highland Springs, Finley, Corinthian Bay, Lands End, Big Valley