Are there any restrictions on what can be done on our road?

One requirement of formation is that offers of dedication or easements be granted to the County. Once completed, this action establishes the road as a public road covered by the conditions and stipulations of the California Vehicle Code (CVC). Stipulations include:
* Access to the road cannot be restricted (no gates or any other barriers);

* Signage is limited to guide/directional signs (no regulatory signs, such as speed limit signs), unless approved by the Board of Supervisors.

* No obstructions may be placed on or under the surface of the roadway which will impede the speed of the vehicles in such a way as to cause discomfort or harm to persons in a vehicle (such as speed bumps, speed dips or undulations), however, rumble strips and delineators are permitted;

* All road work must be completed by licensed, bonded contractors who comply with prevailing wage standards. All work under $125,000 is governed by the Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Procedures Ordinance and by Public Works contract law. Work projects will be put out for public bid and award made to the qualified low bidder. All work under $30,000 may be performed by County forces.

The road zone of benefit is required to contribute to the Counties liability insurance policy.

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