Who sets and approves our per parcel fee?

There are two types of fees that can be levied in the zone program, a special tax or a benefit assessment.

A special tax requires a 2/3 majority approval of the registered voters voting within the zone boundaries. A special tax can be set at a maximum and levied each year at any amount up to the maximum; it can be established with an escalator; it can also be established with a "sunset clause". Any proposed increase exceeding the approved maximum amount would require a 2/3 majority approval in another election.

Applicants should be aware of the following conditions for special taxes:
a. Special tax elections can only be held on the following dates:
1. The First Tuesday after the First Monday in May. (Board of Supervisors must call for elections at least 88 days ( no more than 103 days) prior to the election date, i.e., January 26.
2. The First Tuesday after the First Monday in June of each even numbered year.
3. The Last Tuesday in August.
b. Applicants are responsible for mail out election costs. (Estimated $1,000, depending on number of ballots.)
c. Appropriation limits must be established and reaffirmed every four years by a mail out election.

In the case of a proposed benefit assessment, a report prepared by a registered engineer explaining the benefit received by each parcel is submitted. Parcel owners within the zone boundaries will then receive a ballot to return expressing their approval or objection to the proposed assessment. If a majority of the weighted ballots received protest the assessment, it cannot be levied.

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