Road Name Change Procedure

The procedure to name or change the name of a road in Lake County will take approximately three (3) months from the time we receive the correctly completed form in our office.  When the form is completed we will prepare the Resolution to bring the matter before the Board of Supervisors.  Signs will be posted in the area prior to the hearing, advising property owners in the area of the proposed Resolution and hearing date.  Anyone with arguments for or against the Resolution may want to attend the hearing and make their views known to the Board of Supervisors.  The Board of Supervisors will then be responsible for making the final decision for the Resolution.

Fill out the attached form with the information requested.  Since naming a road or changing a road name will trigger a change in the physical as well as mailing address, it is recommended that any property owners affected by the change be contacted and added to this application.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  Also prior to returning the form, call me to verify that the road names you are requesting have not been used.  Along with your request, please submit the required fee of $230.00.  This fee was established by ordinance.


First Choice:   Bottle Rock Road

This name cannot be used as we already have an existing Bottle Rock Road located within the County.


Request to Name of Change the Name of a Road in Lake County Form

Request to Name of Change the Name of a Road in Lake County - Example