Road Fees

 County-Maintained/County Services Area - Encroachments
Service  Cost
Roadway Encroachment Permit (driveway and roadway intersections) $330.00
Penalty fee (if working within County Right of Way wihout a permit) 100% of permit fee
Re-inspections $110.00
Variance $50.00
Appeals - County Maintained Roads/County Service Area Roads (BOS) $60.00
Trenching Permit within road right-of-way $220.00 + $1.00 for each foot in length over 50'
Transportation, for overweight, overwidth, overheight and overlength Single Trip-$16.00
Roadway, public utility, drainage and/or other easement vacations $1,120.00
Road Naming or Road Name Change $220.00
Drainage Easements Inspections $135.00