Driveway Encroachment

The Building Permit application sheet includes a mandatory section pertaining to driveway encroachments permit that must be completed by the Department of Public Works before a building permit can be issued. The applicant will need to visit or contact the Public Works Department to determine if a permit is needed.

Permits are not required if your driveway will be constructed on a non-county maintained road. The Department will sign off on the building permit application as "Encroachment Permit Not Required".
Encroachment permits are required for the following on CSA or County-maintained roads, streets, highways and easements.

When Do I need a Permit?

  • Any new driveway construction
  • Modular home lot preparations
  • Replacement of modular / mobile homes
  • Construction of dwellings or structures that exceed 500 square feet and require building permits.
  • Construction of Agricultural structures that exceed 500 square feet.
  • Additions to structures, including carports, that exceed 500 square feet and require building permits.

When Do I Not Need a Permit?

If your driveway is going to be constructed on a non-county maintained road.

A permit is not required to replace a modular / mobile home, dwelling or other structure which has been destroyed by fire unless the floor area of the replacement modular / mobile home, dwelling structure exceeds the original by more than 500 square feet.

Where Do I Obtain a Permit Application?

Applications and instructions may be obtained from the Public Works Department, Courthouse, Room 309 (Third Floor) , 255 North Forbes Street, Lakeport, California.

Permit Application Instructions:

  • Provide owner's and contractor's name, address, site information, etc. as requested on the application.
  • Draw a location map or provide written instructions to the site in the site location section.
  • Select appropriate plan view and profile of driveway from the drawing provided and enter information in Plan and Profile section of application.
  • Draw your actual driveway profile on the profile sheet provided. If any part of the first 20' of your driveway is greater than a 16% slope it will require a sign off from either CDF or the applicable Fire District. If it is less than a 16% slope only the signature of the applicant is required.

What is the permit process?

The completed-signed application is submitted to the Public Works Department.

Your driveway location must be clearly marked and the address of the property posted prior to scheduling the Preliminary Inspection. The preliminary inspection is required prior to issuance of a permit.

The inspector will complete the special condition/restrictions of the permit and sign the permit.

The applicant will be notified that the permit is ready to be picked up at the Public Works Department Office at which time the encroachment permit fee will be collected and the permit will be issued.

What is the cost?

The encroachment permit fee is currently $330, which covers the preliminary inspection and two additional required inspections.

Reinspections or additional inspections are charged at one-third of the Permit Fee. The additional fee must be paid prior to requesting reinspection.

No work within the County right-of-way can be done until an Encroachment Permit has been issued. A Penalty fee of 100% of the amount of the permit fee will be enforced for violators (Resolution #2005-186 and 2005-187).

What inspections are required after the permit is issued?

The owner or builder must provide the Department of Public Works with a minimum of 48 hours notice to schedule an inspection. Contact the Public Works Department at 707-263-2341 or at 707-994-4824. Inspections are scheduled for either a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday depending on when the request is received.
An inspection is required immediately prior to the asphalt paving or concrete pouring.

A final inspection will be required after the driveway has been completed.

What is the next step?

If the inspector determines that the first 20 feet of the driveway complies with the County Standards, Public Works will sign off on the Building Department Inspection Record Card. Sign off by the Department is one of the conditions necessary to allow occupancy.