Property Use

The Board of Supervisors by Resolution has established procedures and requirements for conducting Special Events that take place on County Property including county maintained roads, parks and buildings. The intent of this policy is to foster and support planned usages while ensuring maximum safety for all parties. This policy is also aimed at minimizing disruption and inconvenience to local residents, motorized vehicle traffic and the provision of day to day governmental services.

When is a Permit Needed?

Property usage permits are required when any organized or planned event taking place on county property is sponsored by a publicly recognized organization (profit or non-profit), person, business or other entity which invites, advertises or seeks entrants in excess of 25 participants.

Racing events are prohibited except under specific circumstances. Questions pertaining to racing events on Clear Lake should be directed to the County Administrative Office at (707)-263-2580 or for racing events involving county roads to the Department of Public Works (707)-263-2341.

When is a Permit Not Needed?

As a general rule a permit is not required when family groups (weddings, reunions, including school reunions) and other similar groups, not associated with an established organization, hold an event where there are less than 100 participants. Contact Public Works at 263-2341 to determine if your planned event qualifies.

Application Process

Permit applications maybe be obtained as follows:


Property Usage Type Contact
County Roads Public Works- (707)-263-2341
255 North Forbes
Lakeport, CA
or download application form *
Highland Springs Parks Public Works- (707)-263-2341
or download application form *
All other County Parks Public Services (707)-262-1618
333 2nd St
Lakeport, CA
or download application form
County Buildings Public Services
Outdoor Festivals Community Development Dept.
(707) 263-2221
255 North Forbes St
Lakeport, CA
Lake Special Events Lakebed Management
 255 North Forbes St
Lakeport, CA
* Form is in MSWord format. If you do not have MSWord, click here to download Word Reader.

A permit must be filed at least 60 days in advance of the event. For use of County roads and Highland Springs park, submit application to Department of Public Works. The Department will notify all affected agencies (ie: CHP, SO, Cal Trans, Co Roads) requesting comments and special conditions. Applicant will be notified if application is approved or denied. A signed permit subject to the listed conditions will be mailed to the applicant along with the following agreements, which must be executed by the applicant and returned to the Department:
  • Hold Harmless
  • Insurance
  • Clean Up Agreement
The permit will not be valid until all conditions have been met and the Department has received the signed agreements and appropriate insurance documents. If the application is denied the applicant may appeal the decision to the Board of Supervisors.