The Registrar of Voters office is responsible for conducting all Federal, State, County, Municipal, and local district elections in Lake County while following strict State and Federal regulations.

This department is responsible for all components of election management, including voter registration, poll worker recruitment and training, locating and reserving polling place locations that meet accessibility requirements, ballot creation, voting system security, ballot processing and vote tallying, community outreach and education, and candidate services such as candidate filing and campaign finance filing.


Our office will be providing in-person services starting Monday, March 22. Staff is also available via telephone at 707/263-2372 or by email [email protected].

To promote the health and safety of all members of the pubic and employees, and ensure continious availability of County services, standard COVID-19 precautions must be observed by all members of the public (including those that have been vaccinated) when visiting County facilities. These include:

  • Properly wearing a face covering (face coverings available if needed)
  • Maintaining six feet of space whenever possible
  • Sanitizing hands frequently

We look forward to serving you safely, and in the manner that best addresses your needs, be that in person or electronically.

You are encouraged to visit our website at for answers to general questions.

You may have a voter registration form mailed to you by calling our office or the Secretary of State’s office at 800/345-VOTE.  You may also register to vote online

Thank you for your understanding!

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