November 2, 2021, General District Election

Division I, 1 vacancy – 2 year unexpired term
Division II, 1 vacancy – 4 year term
Division III, 1 vacancy – 2 year unexpired term

Since the number of candidates in the Scotts Valley Water Conservation District Divisions I, II, and, III does not exceed the number of vacancies, the candidates’ names will not appear on the ballot for the November 2, 2021 General District Election.


Campaign & Finance

Committees formed to support or oppose candidates seeking candidacy must comply with campaign finance requirements. The Fair Political Practices Commission is responsible for providing advice about campaign finance issues. They have prepared a fact sheet specific to recall elections that expands on this information. See: For more information, please contact the FPPC or visit

NOTE: A Candidate for local office MUST file a Form 501 with the Lake County Registrar of Voters office before soliciting or receiving any contributions or before making expenditures from personal funds on behalf of his/her candidacy.

Public Notices & Media Releases
Candidate List
Registering to Vote

Qualifications to Register to Vote:

  • A United States citizen and a resident of California (for information on voters in the military or overseas, please see Military and Overseas Voters),
  • 18 years old or older on Election Day,
  • Not currently serving a state or federal prison term for the conviction of a felony (for more information, please see Voting Rights: Persons with a Criminal History), and
  • Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court (for more information, please see Voting Rights: Persons Subject to Conservatorship).
  • You must re-register to vote any time you change your name, residence and/or mailing address, or political party.

Register or re-register to Vote online at or at the Lake County Office of the Registrar of Voters located inside the Lake County Courthouse, Room 209 at 255 N. Forbes Street, Lakeport, CA 95453. Voter registration forms are also available at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices, City Clerks’ offices, public libraries, and post offices. You may have a registration form mailed to you by calling our office at (707)263-2372 or the California Secretary of State at (800) 345-VOTE.

Military and Overseas - Voter Information

The information and resources on this link are intended to make participating in elections as easy and rewarding for you as possible. Here, you will learn the basic steps to become a military or overseas voter so you are eligible to vote when you are absent from your county while serving and/or living overseas.

Check your voter Status

Check here if you are registered to vote My Voter Status - California Secretary of State

Please call our office at 707/263-2372 if you are informed that no record matches or no record is found and you recently completed a new registration form or completed an online registration. (We suggest that you wait at least 24 hours after you registered to allow for staff to process the registration.)