Voter with Disabilities

The Registrar of Voters Office provides a number of services to voters with disabilities including:


​A TDD for the hearing impaired, (707) 565-6888.

Audio Tape

State propositions and local measures (including arguments and analyses) on tape, for the vision impaired.


Information on Polling Place Accessibility. Each Polling Place is surveyed to determine accessibility. Whether or not your Polling Place is accessible is indicated in the upper right hand corner of the address label on your Sample Ballot by either the word "YES" or the word "NO". If your Polling Place is not accessible you may contact the Registrar of Voters Office for information regarding your Polling Place's accessibility disqualification, or you may choose to take advantage of either curbside voting or vote by mail voting.

At least one accessible voting booth at each Polling Place. This booth may be used by voters using wheelchairs, or any voter who has difficulty standing to mark his or her ballot may vote at this booth by pulling a chair up to the booth.

Large Type & Magnification

Large type instructions (posted) and magnification pages (available on request) at the polls, for the vision impaired.

Curbside Voting

Curbside voting. If your Polling Place is not accessible you may vote in any area as close to the polling place as possible. Someone must alert the Precinct Officers for you, and they will bring the voting materials to you.

Vote by Mail

Permanent Vote By Mail Voter Status. Voters with certain specific disabilities and their caregivers are entitled to Permanent Vote By Mail Voter Status. Please see the category entitled Permanent Vote By Mail Voter Information for details.


An adapter at each Polling Place to make the marking pen easier to grasp.

Assistance marking your Official Ballot. You may have up to two people of your choice assist you; however, you may not be assisted by your employer, union representative nor an agent of your employer or union representative.