Your property is included because it is part of an area that is predominately blighted. Not all property in an area is blighted, but it may be included for effective redevelopment of the entire area.
The purpose of redevelopment is the elimination of blight and the factors which cause blight.
No. The Redevelopment Agency does not have any authority to change the existing method of establishing property tax rates.
No. The Redevelopment Plan will not permit the Agency to condemn any personal residence, regardless of zoning.
The Board of Directors of the Redevelopment Agency is the Lake County Board of Supervisors.
The California Redevelopment Law (CRL), which is found in the California Health and Safety Code, Section 33000, et seq., authorized the redevelopment agency to be established.
The main source of funding comes from tax increment dollars.  This money is generated when the assessed value of a property is increased in accordance with Proposition 13, which was enacted by the voters of California in 1978.  Assessed value of a property may be increased by change of ownership, the annual inflationary adjustment (not be exceed 2%), or in the event of new construction or significant rehabilitation of a property.
Improvements to the town centers in each of the communities, building facade improvements, increased public access to the Clear Lake shoreline, improvements to public facilities such as parks and expansion of community gathering places, housing rehabilitation, new housing construction for low and moderate income families, infrastructure improvements and lot consolidation.