Lucerne Creek

In the original documents establishing the town plan for Lucerne, the property which includes the creek between 8th and 9th Avenues was designated the City Park. At some point in the past, the Lucerne fire department, which is officially the Lucerne Parks and Recreation District, acquired title to the property but they have been unable to do anything to improve the property due to concerns over liability. During the many public meetings held prior to adoption of the Northshore Redevelopment Plan interest was expressed by the community in restoring the creek and providing amenities there for the community.

The creek as it is now presents several problems to the community. It carries a great deal of silt to the lake which is deposited at the mouth of the Harbor and over time causes a need for dredging of the harbor and its channel to the lake. Its unrestricted meandering has undermined 8th Avenue requiring expensive road repairs, it has served as an attractive nuisance occasionally receiving illegal dumping and illicit activities and in general has been an unattractive eyesore. Instead of being an asset to the community it has been a negative factor.

Some of the work and amenities considered for the property include:

  • Stream bed correction and restoration. This would include removing obstacles which cause the stream to undermine the roads and strengthening the banks to prevent erosion both with rock and plantings.
  • A comprehensive landscaping plan.
  • An effort to reestablish fish spawning habitat.
  • Sidewalk surrounding the parcel
  • A bridge across the creek near the center of the block.
  • Parking on both sides of the creek near Country Club Drive.
  • A Par Course.


The Agency has supported the Public Services Department's Parks Division in preserving the park as a natural habitat and improving its appearance and functionality.  A bench and decorative wall were built using natural building materials and techniques.  Additionally, a rock barrier was installed to prevent vehicles from parking in the park.  Grant Funds will be pursued for future park improvements. 

Lucerne Creek