One of the principal goals of the Northshore Redevelopment Plan is to provide each of the four communities with its own town center.  The purpose of this goal is to increase community pride and sense of place by providing a focal poing for the community.  In each community the idea is to build upon an existing feature.  In the community of Nice that feature may be Hinman Park.

Nice Area Map
Nice Street Map

The Town Center goal is particulary important for Nice.  This roadside community has a mixture of houses and businesses, but no "Downtown."  During discussions at the community outreach meetings, held as part of the redevelopment plan adoption process, there was a suggestion for a town square based on Hinman Park.  Given its ideal location and size, the idea had obvious merit.  The concept is to design Hinman Park to be a town square with multiple entrances, extensive landscaping, and some type of center piece feature.  It would have walkways and benches.  Surrounding parcels would be redeveloped as a retail center.

Hinman Park is a one acre parcel.  Although the location is good, the site is too small to offer recreational facilities such as a baseball or soccer field.  Nice needs to have a community park with family recreational facilities.  In 2005 the County and the Redevelopment Agency acquired undeveloped property on Hammond Avenue for purposes of developing a new community park.  The new park will have a ball field, picnic areas, playground equipment and various other amenities.

Retail stores to be developed around the Hinman Park Town Square will serve the travelling public and vacationers, as well as residents.  World Mark, a timeshare resort facility with 90 units, has generated a demand for a mixed retail and restaurant area.  Future hotel/resort developments in the area will increase the demand.  As the County's wine industry matures and the tourist season lengthens, the market demand will continue to increase.

Nice Hinman Park