RRM Plan

In a series of public meetings held during the adoption process for the Northshore Redevelopment Plan, it became clear that people in the Northshore area felt that Highway 20 traffic issues caused serious problems in their communities.  Heavy truck traffic speeding along the highway, and the use of the continuous left turn lane as a passing lane make it dangerous for pedestrians to cross the highway safely. 

The Lake County Redevelopment Agency, Area Planning Council and Caltrans worked together to develop a plan to calm traffic along Highway 20 in the communities of Nice, Lucerne, & Clearlake Oaks.  Funded by a grant from the Caltrans Livable Communities Program, RRM Design Group was hired to develop this plan.  Public outreach was a very important part of the design effort, and three days of key stakeholder’s meetings and field tours were held.  There were public meetings held in each community and a final collective meeting in the Board of Supervisors chambers.  Links at the left include Workshop and Newsletter information regarding the process leading to the development of this plan.

The specific plan areas along Highway 20 include from Sayre Avenue to the Post Office in Nice,  from the intersection with Foothill Blvd. east to Country Club Drive in Lucerne, and from Island Drive to the Lakepoint Motel in Clearlake Oaks.